About Us

Eating Disorders of York Region's Riverwalk Wellness Centres is a grassroots, registered non-profit, organization founded by families with lived experience of the devastation and death eating disorders cause. In 2004 several families joined together after the death of a young woman and with the seeds of her memorial fund founded an agency to address the urgent and unmet needs of those who suffer. 

Riverwalk provides support programs facilitated by psychotherapists specializing in eating disorders for men and women of all ages struggling with all types of eating disorders as well as support programs for their family. We offer assistance and system navigation to individuals and families through a telephone help line. We also provide the community with awareness and education for the purpose of prevention and early intervention. 

Riverwalk is not a government agency; as a grass-roots community based non-profit organization we rely on the support of corporate sponsors, neighbours and friends. Everyone knows someone affected by an eating disorder although shame, blame, guilt and the complexity of the disorder may cause it to be hidden, doing untold damage. 

Founded by the community for the community -please support these efforts with your donation. You may click on the "Donate Now" button to make a donation and a tax receipt will be automatically issued.  You may also select a gift with your donation or request a card be sent with our Board's acknowledgment of a donation made in their name, or to honour a special occasion.  

Thank you for your support! 

Our Vision

To offer hope and support in a non-judgmental way to people affected by eating disorders.

Our Mission

  • To give support to all those who are affected by eating disorders
  • To give hope for recovery
  • To enlighten the community's awareness and understanding of eating disorders
  • To provide education for early detection and prevention of eating disorders

If you are a reporter and have any questions or would like to arrange an interview, please contact Janice Morgante at janice_morgante@edoyr.com or call (905) 886-6632.

Board of Directors

  • Melissa Cornacchia - Director
  • Michael Ferrel - Director, Chair
  • Janice Morgante - Executive Director
  • Mehvish Rizvi - Director, Treasurer
  • Turuna Seecharan - Director, Secretary

Advisory Council

  • Jane Alway, M.A., Registered Psychotherapist, (C)OACCPP
  • Dr. Judith Bercuson, MD
  • Dr. Doreen Francis, RSW, PhD
  • Allison Jorgens, B.Sc., P.H.Ec.
  • Natalie Leibowitz, Nutritionist
  • Rotem Regev
  • Dr. Tiffany Rush-Wilson
  • Greg Scott, Therapeutic and Expressive Art Program Advisor
  • Michelle Scott, OT Reg (Ont)

Executive Director 
Janice Morgante

Administrative Co-ordinator
Natalia Schell

Our Provincial Registration No. is 1629447
Our Canada Revenue Agency Charity No. is 86313 2775 RR0001