Information for Physicians

Referral is only necessary for an assessment. Referral is not required to access support groups, workshops, and other services.

The Eating Disorder Inventory-3 (EDI-3) is an assessment tool that was developed by David M. Garner, PhD. The inventory consists of 91 questions that assess the psychological and behavioural traits associated with eating disorders - specifically Anorexia Nervosa (both restrictive and binge-purge sub-types), Bulimia Nervosa and Eating Disorders Not Otherwise Specified. 

The EDI-3 may be used to assess:

  • Individuals aged 13 and older (though it can potentially be used for someone as young as 11).
  • Clients from a variety of cultural backgrounds/countries of origin (it has been tested in Canada, the US, various European Countries, and Australia).

The client typically spends about 1 hour with a clinician and the assessment itself usually takes less than a 1/2 hour for a client to complete. A report is then prepared by the clinician outlining the severity of symptomatology, based upon the client's EDI-3 results, the weigh-in and time spent with the client. 

The completed report is sent to the referring physician. The results can then be discussed with the client/patient and can:

  • indicate severity of symptoms or risk
  • open the discussion in relation to appropriate next-steps and treatment options
  • serve as a "reality check" - the assessment itself is an intervention that may assist in disrupting denial and moving someone towards a path of recovery.

Note: With signed consent, the referring physician may contact the EDI-3 assessment clinician for a telephone conversation, within 60 days of the report date. 


Non-medical assessments (EDI-3) are available with a family physician's referral. Please note the EDI-3 assessment does not provide a diagnosis and is not therapy. A fee of $250.00 applies. 

After your assessment appointment has been scheduled, please click the payment button to pay the $250.00 fee on-line