Day Program

You may select as many components as you would like which have been scheduled to flow from one to the other. For instance, you may wish to relax with yoga before participating in a support group, or you may prefer to relax with a facilitated art program. 

You may choose from a selection of components including: 
Life Without an Eating Disorder Support Group 
Teen Support Group 
Expressive and Therapeutic Arts 

Note: no previous yoga or art experience is necessary. All supplies are provided. Please call 905-886-6632 or email for more information. 

" What you need is a workout that involves involuntary attention. This type of attention requires no extra work on your brain’s part. You use it when you notice the cherry blossoms or the beauty of Rock Creek Park. It doesn’t take any extra effort to notice the pretty things; you just do it. According to the researchers at University of Michigan, natural environments are much better than urban environments at restoring and improving cognitive functioning. A natural environment gives the directed-attention part of your brain some vacation time, allowing it to replenish. “Simple and brief interactions with nature can produce marked increase in cognitive control,” according to the researchers. The best part? The participants in the study were walkers, not runners. For most people, walking is a more practical option."
"Head for the hills to improve thinking power" by Ben Opipari