Private Counselling Information

OHIP covers fees that are paid to psychiatrists. If you have extended health coverage insurance: Check with your individual health care provider/insurance carrier to determine what type of practitioner is covered under your plan and ask what the coverage limits/amounts are. Some plans cover counselling/psychotherapy services provided by registered psychologists or registered psychotherapists; some may cover services provided by a registered social worker. If you do not have extended health coverage insurance you may access services provided by a registered psychologist, psychotherapist or social worker but will pay fees for their services. 

To locate a health care provider with specialized knowledge of eating disorders including those offering one-to-one support you may wish to search an on-line data base available on the NEDIC (National Eating Disorders Information Centre) website or call Nedic at 1-866-633-4220 for their assistance. 

For contact information for psychotherapists who facilitate Riverwalk support programs and may be available for one-to-one therapy through their private practice, please see the links to their websites provided in descriptions of the programs they facilitate or call us at any time between 9:30 and 5:00 Monday to Friday at (905) 886-6632.