Eating Disorders of York Region's Riverwalk Wellness Centres Membership Request

Becoming a member of Eating Disorders of York Region's Riverwalk Wellness Centres (Riverwalk) is an expression of concern for individuals who suffer from eating disorders. There is no membership fee and completing the form entitles you to receive regular updates about what Riverwalk is doing to achieve its mission and goals. Those who select the "yes" box in response to "would you like to be a board member" will be contacted by a staff member.

There are no membership fees. Registered members are eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting and are eligible to stand for election to the Board of Directors. To stand for election please contact the Nominations Committee via the office at (905) 886-6632.

Thank you for completing the form and taking the time to express your support for Riverwalk.

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To be considered for membership, applicants must demonstrate knowledge or participate in at least two of the areas listed below: 

  • Volunteering for events, functions and/or offering services
  • Being aware of the funding of the organization
  • Awareness of funding and organizational practices
  • Understanding the mission of the organization
  • Using Riverwalk services and providing feed back
  • Attending meetings and being aware of current business
  • Being familiar with Riverwalk financial statements and meeting procedures
  • Attending the Annual General Meeting in person or by proxy

With your completed membership form, you will be considered for approval by the Board of Directors given demonstration of at least two of the above.

Riverwalk Membership Request Form

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