Creating the Capacity for Caring Communities

Riverwalk Wellness Centres, a grass-roots registered non-profit organization, developed a model for engaging with and helping to create caring communities which we believe can be implemented in any community. Realizing the power of individuals is a first-step which can ripple across the apparent chasm of hopelessness to connect individuals and families with support while at the same time creating caring communities through connections to professionals, peers and others ultimately forming a “circle of support” when it is needed.

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Knowledge of locally based resources is the basis of creating a Circle of Support

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The ability to turn to a low-cost or no-cost model which can be implemented, as needed, can reach many who may otherwise forego support.

 As a resource, professionals may refer those in need efficiently and effectively.  The empowerment of individuals, families and communities can result in support at the first signs of distress, significantly impacting improved outcomes.

What does it mean…

  • When we can listen to one another, without judgment, expressing our love and support
  • When we can be present for one another offering our selves, our attention, with understanding
  • When we can be a person a family member or friend can turn to with trust

In “When the Body Says No - Caring for Ourselves While Caring for Others”, Dr. Gabor Maté gives the following example:

“What happened if you were stressed; something happened that was stressful to you, and you're sitting there all upset about it.  But somebody that you trust came along and said, “Hey friend, I see that you’re not feeling well; I see that you’re upset – puts a hand on your shoulder and says, “Hey, do you want to talk about it?”  What would happen to your body right away?  It would relax.  You’d take a deep breath.  Your brain would get oxygen.  You’d start thinking more clearly.  Your heart rate would slow down.  Your blood pressure diminishes.  The stress hormones abate in your system and go back into a healthy balance”.

- No wait lists
- No expense
- Attentive, aware and caring
- Available at the first signs of distress

A Circle of Support
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