Scrapbooking for Positive Expression and Reflection with Michelle Scott, OT Reg (Ont)


DATE & TIME: TBA. Please inquire.

LOCATION: 15213 Yonge Street, Suite 15 (on the second floor, accessed by the staircase at the front of the building), Aurora ON L4G 1L8

This group will empower participants to use scrapbooking as a way of exploring positive memories, unique qualities and experiences, and past and present roles and activities. This group will take place in a supportive, non-judgmental environment in which participants can feel free to explore scrapbooking as a medium of expression and reflection, share their personal stories, and learn from the stories of others.

This group will be facilitated by Michelle Scott, OT Reg. (Ont). For more information about Occupational Therapy visit this link. Research shows that scrapbooking is helpful as both a process and a product: The act of creating a scrapbook can itself be therapeutic, and scrapbooks themselves can be used as helpful recovery tools. As this is a pro-recovery group, participants will be encouraged to search for photographs and other personal memorabilia that promote positive and fruitful reflection and expression. However, for many different reasons, sometimes exploring the past can be difficult for some people. This is why in group we will also discuss and develop tools and strategies for handling difficult feelings or thoughts that may arise during this process.

At the beginning of this group, participants will brainstorm sections to include in their scrapbooks. This can include everything from valued roles (e.g. parent, student, partner), to memorable events (e.g. milestones, concerts, holidays, trips), to loved ones (eg. family, friends, pets), to valued occupations and hobbies (e.g. photography, sports, volunteering, music). In between groups, participants will be encouraged to locate photos and personal memorabilia that promote positive reflection - participants can also take new photos, if they’d like. Photos can be emailed before each group and printed by the facilitator. Each group, we will spend some time discussing what this process was like, and we will spend most of our time actually working on our scrapbooks.

The aim is to have lots of fun in this group! Scrapbooking supplies will be provided and creativity and self-expression will be encouraged. Artistic ability is not required - if you can wield a glue stick and scissors, you are more than qualified!

Registration for this group will involve taking part in a short phone interview prior to the group beginning in order to identify goals and challenges.

Registration is required. This group is FREE with a referral from Riverwalk Wellness Centres or Addiction Services for York Region (ASYR).  All inquiries are welcome - please email to inquire about registration.  A support person (e.g. friend, support worker) may register but please be aware spaces are limited. This is a food-free environment although beverages are permitted.